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Welcome!  I am PCI Certified Parent Coach®, Caitlin Silva. Through Beacon Parent Coaching and Services I will work directly with you as a parent or with your child, to help organically discover the strengths and untapped resources that will help propel you towards the positive change you want to achieve.  

I believe that every child, every parent, and every family has unlimited potential to grow and thrive.  Families are a living system; there is no one size fits all answer or expectation for what works.  Together we can get rid of the mechanistic mindset and embrace who you and your family are at your core, to begin living a more authentic, fulfilling, positive life.

I look forward to working together and getting to know you and your beautiful family!

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Our family needed help with my son.  He was having major anxiety and having difficulty navigating socially in the school setting.  In working with Caitlin, we have developed strategies to navigate through the anxiety.  As a result of her coaching we have developed ways to identify what triggers the anxiety and learn proactive strategies for lifelong success.  As a parent she has helped me in understanding his disability and provided me with effective home strategies to implement.  Caitlin has also been a huge advocate in helping to get the support he needs in the school setting.  She has been a key player in the success of my child leading to a happy and healthy life.

Julie A.

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