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 Parenting in today's world is more than complicated.  Everywhere you turn there is a voice telling you what   to do, what not to do, and that makes it almost impossible to feel confident and secure in your parenting choices.  The modern world moves too quickly and parents often feel stuck in perpetual motion, but never fully grasping onto the life they truly want to live.  The high level of support a parent coach can offer a parent is something almost everyone could benefit from.  We only get one life, and our children grow up so quickly, we all deserve to feel happy, satisfied and thankful every day.  Humans were never meant to parent alone.  We are social beings, but modern society can make it difficult to form authentic, deep connections.  Parents often report feeling isolated and alone, but that's not how it was meant to be, or how it has to be.  Evolutionary benefits come from this "it takes a village" perspective; working as a team and helping to raise each other's children.  As a parent coach, I would be honored to become part of your village, and work together to help you feel supported and connected.  

If you are stuck in a negative cycle, feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or just need some support to overcome a challenge that seems mountainous, parent coaching can help; I can help.  You are the expert on your children, and together we can make the positive change you want to see.  As your parent coach I will work with you to help you become the best version of yourself, and create the positive change you desire.  

Parent coaching is a co-constructive relationship where we are intentionally creating positive change.  As your coach, I will be the catalyst for the change you are seeking.  Coaching is a process where we work on identifying a preferred, optimal future and collaborate together to make it a reality.  My role as a coach is to support my client to assess, discover, reflect and identify the change they want to see, and create strategic action steps to create authentic, sustainable change.  Using a strengths based philosophy, research based methods, and scientifically proven principles and theories, we commit to traveling through the coaching process together to propel you into living the life of your dreams and finding the happiness you deserve!

Our coaching sessions can take place over the phone, computer, or in person, depending on your schedule and location.  Whether during nap time, lunch hour at work, or after the kids go to bed, we can find a time that works for you.  After each coaching session you will receive a follow up email with a session summary to help you stay on track and amplify positive momentum.   For optimal results it is recommended to commit to twelve sessions of coaching, with each session lasting an hour.  

Group coaching is an option which may be more feasible and cost efficient for some parents.  Group coaching may be done with a group of 5 to 10 people.  Many parents have gathered a small group of friends, co-workers, or associates and participated in group coaching.  Group coaching can be done in person, or via zoom, an online video or audio call through the computer.  Contact me today if group coaching is something you are interested in!

An additional service offered through parent coaching includes assisting parents in working with their child's school to help their child receive the supports and interventions they need to be successful each day.  Services include consulting, reviewing recent evaluations, IEP or 504 meeting preparation, and attending the meetings to help you advocate for your family.  

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