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Parent, Teacher & Child Workshops, Professional Development

Most requested Parent Workshops:

Workshops are currently taking place remotely using Zoom.


Screen Time: Understanding and Developing Healthy Media Habits

Effective Discipline Strategies; Natural Consequences vs. Punishment 

Intrinsic Motivation: How to Foster Internal Motivation Early On 

De-escalation 101; How to Help Decrease Explosions 

Functional Ecology of Parenting; Creating a Home Environment for Success 

Understanding and Supporting Big Emotions in Little Children 

How to Support Executive Functioning Skills in Your Child

Personal Safety Strategies to Teach Children; Helping Our Children Stay Safe

Helping Anxious Children Thrive Without Enabling 

The "I-Thou" Mindset: How to appreciate YOUR child in a society that may not see their strengths

Learning to Trust Your Parenting Identity; Embracing a Living System Approach


Building Your Parenting Reserves; Understanding the Stress of Raising a Child who is Differently Abled 


Most requested Teacher Workshops & Professional Development:

Workshops are currently taking place remotely using Zoom.


Helping All Children Find Success

Emotion Coaching: Understanding and Supporting Big Emotions in Students


Relationships First: Engaging and Connecting with Your Students & Their Families 

Fostering Effective Social/Emotional Skills in Students 


Effective Behavior Management Strategies 


Trauma Informed Care: Utilizing  a Therapeutic Approach


Collaborating to Overcome Classroom Challenges


Utilizing a Living Systems Approach in Your Classroom 

The Power of De-escalation


Reducing Behavior Problems in the Classroom

Most requested Children's Workshop Series:

All workshops take place remotely using Zoom.  Children's workshops series include 6 weekly sessions.  

Brave Kids' Club: Ages 5-7

Making Friends: Ages 6-8

We Can Be Flexible: Ages 6-8

Good Sportsmanship: Ages 6 - 8

Marvelous Manners: Ages 6 - 8 

Emotional Intelligence: Ages 7-10

Emotional Intelligence 2.0: Ages 7-10

Strong Girl Club: Ages 8-10

Confident Guy Club: Ages 8 - 10

Executive Functioning Skills 9 - 11

Growing our Growth Mindset: Ages 8-10

Girls' Group: Ages 11-13

One Time Pediatric Workshops:

All workshops take place remotely using Zoom. 


Stress Management: Ages 10-14

Brain Science and Emotions for Kids: Ages 7-10

Growth Mindset: Ages 8-12

Self - Advocating Skills: Ages 7 - 10

Self - Advocating Skills: Ages 11-14

If you are interested in signing your child up for a workshop, please email me at, with the following information:

  • workshop interested in

  • name, age and grade of child 

Once I receive your email, I will add your child to the waiting list, and contact you as soon as an availble cohort is ready to begin.

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